Can plants feel pain?

In this episode I answer the argument that many Vegans have been faced with at least once: "What about plants? They feel pain too!" and "Why are you against cruelty to animals but not cruelty to plants?"

I think that it's unlikely that plants feel pain, because they don't have a brain and don't have a nervous system, and they don't have any evolutionary advantage to feeling pain either. Plants simply aren't sentient, and because of that they don't have rights.

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Lion Burgers, Family day at a slaughterhouse and Puppy farms

In this episode I talk about how a restaurant in Arizona had been serving lion burgers as a tribute to the world cup, the outrage it caused when it was leaked into the media, and how there is no moral difference between eating a lion and eating a cow, pig or chicken. I also talk about how the slaughterhouse next to where I live had a "Family Open day" recently, and a news story on TV3's 60 Minutes about the new craze of dog breeds, "oodles", and where they come from.

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Lion Burgers story
Video: Inside NZs Puppy Farms

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