Group chat about SAFE

In this episode I am joined by fellow NZ Vegans Elizabeth Collins, Jordan Wyatt, Sam Tucker and William Paul to talk about SAFE, a large animal welfare organization in New Zealand, and their lovepigs campaign.

Click here to listen.

Pig welfare debate (video)
SAFE lovepigs campaign

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  1. Wow, Emmy! Hearing all of you together is unbelievable! It's like a party with cool vegans. Thanks for making this episode! :-)

    I looked at the SAFE LovePigs Campaign link you provided. It's disturbingly misguided. The tagline makes no sense: "Empowering compassionate consumers to help New Zealand Pigs"... what? How about helping them by not commodifying them as property? How about not consuming them at all? How about not having the "animal advocates" come out with campaigns that sanction speciesism?

    I hope more New Zealanders catch onto your podcast and come around to abolition. I'm definitely promoting your podcast! :-)

    Love from the US,

  2. I'm writing to register my appreciation of this. Another expose of the general poverty of ambition in the "animal rights movement." It is saddening to hear about another group adopting the corporate model. Social movement theory suggests that organisations being to falter and moderate as soon as the business element of it – offices, staff, wages – becomes a priority.

    Poor old Donald Watson, the co-founder of the English Vegan Society, must be spinning in his grave on the grounds that his appeal to "ripen up" people to the new fangled idea of veganism is still largely ignored. What hope has this idea got to gain public recognition if the majority of animal advocates are too damn scared of veganism as their moral baseline?

    I guess the attitude is bound up in the name – SAFE. Yeah, that's what the animals need. When the safety of wages is more important than animals, there is a problem.

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