Going Vegan as a Teenager

Hello and Welcome to the Vegan for Life podcast!

This first episode is about my story and personal experiences of going vegan as a teenager. I went vegetarian and, later, vegan at age 13 after a trip to a goat farm. It's a bit short, but I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think about it (but go easy on me, I'm new to this whole podcasting thing :)

Click here to listen to or download the podcast (right click and click "Save Target As" to download it to your computer)

Also, for more information about going vegan as a teenager, watch my friend Sam's youtube video:

Hopefully I will be making more podcast episodes really soon, as there's a lot of stuff I would like to talk about! Stay tuned ;)


  1. Great podcast and video describing your journey and Sam's, in the video. So clear and so similar to the ways in which myself and others I know have 'woken up', researched the facts and have made a life time decision.Do continue.

  2. Nice little podcast.

    You will want to change basic information of the mp3. Give it a name and change the genre from Rock to podcast or something.

    I thought your journey to veganism was really interesting.

    Why were you home schooled? How did you make friends if you didn't go to school?

  3. Hi Gordon, thanks for your comment! I have now changed the basic information of the mp3. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I was home schooled because my parents didn't like the school system. Home schoolers do go on trips and have their own events quite often, which is how I made friends.

  4. Thanks for the show, I’m looking forward to listening to more from you. New Zealand Abolitionists take over the world!