"Humans were made to eat meat"

In this episode I try to answer the common objection that humans were made to eat meat, as well as some common variations of this argument such as "Humans evolved to eat meat", "Early humans ate meat, so why should we stop now?", "We need to eat meat to stay healthy", "God put animals on Earth for us to eat" and "Other animals kill each other for food so why shouldn't we?". Later, I also talk about, "Is eating other animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey natural?"

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When I started recording, I found out my webcam had a handy "suppress background noise" feature that just hadn't been turned on properly, even though it was checked. So hopefully now there isn't too much background noise!

Here are the links to the podcasts/blogs I mention in this episode:

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Thanks for being awesome, guys! ;)

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